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How to travel with a bicycle?

On EU trips:

Lux Express guarantees a place for the bicycle on the coach if a bicycle ticket is purchased (it has zero price). There is no extra charge for a bicycle ticket and it can be purchased together with the passenger bus ticket on the Lux Express website. The bicycle intended for carriage must be placed in a special case with the help of the bus driver. Lux Express provides special cases for bicycles. Generally, the front wheel does not need to be dismantled, but if the bicycle does not fit in the case, the front wheel still must be dismantled. A passenger with a bicycle must make sure that his/her bicycle is placed on the bus.

If the passenger has not booked a bicycle ticket, Lux Express cannot guarantee that the bicycle will fit on the bus. In case the bicycle cannot be accommodated in the luggage compartment, the customer must immediately contact Lux Express customer service and purchase a new passenger and bicycle ticket for the next departure. Unused tickets will be reimbursed.


Non-EU trips

On departures on the routes St. Petersburg - Minsk, St. Petersburg - Tallinn and St. Petersburg - Helsinki bicycles can be transported in the luggage compartment of the bus only if there is enough free space. The possibility of accommodating a bicycle in a luggage compartment is decided by the coach driver directly before the departure depending on the situation.

The bicycle intended for carriage must have its front wheel dismantled and both the front wheel and the bicycle must be packed separately. The packed bicycle should not have any sharp protruding parts.

In case the bicycle cannot be accommodated in the luggage compartment please contact Lux Express as soon as possible (call, email) for a solution.



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