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Lux Express customer program

Everyone is our loyal customer

Every day we all have slightly different wishes. Sometimes we want more comfort and flexibility, other times only the quality and reliability matter to us. Therefore, we have created new ticket classes from which you can select the one that suits you best. You will join our customer program from the moment you purchase your first ticket and after 10 trips we will give you another one for free.

Starting from 1st of January 2021 we will launch a new Lux Express customer program. Unlike the previous customer program, the new one only applies to tickets purchased from the Lux Express website. However, you do not need a loyalty card or an account to participate in the customer program if you do not want to create one. Only use the same e-mail address whenever you purchase tickets from Lux Express online webshop and free trips and discount level will be calculated automatically. That simply means everyone is our loyal customer, even without creating an account.

Together with the new customer program we also introduce 3 new ticket classes

Economy class – Always the most affordable ticket. However, economy class tickets cannot be returned, and seat number is assigned automatically. Still, you can change the ticket up to 1 hour before departure. Discount class tickets do not count towards collecting trips under the loyalty program.

Standard class - Ticket can be returned or changed up to 1 hour before departure and you can select your preferred standard seat.

Comfort class - Ticket can be returned or changed. The ticket can be refunded up to 1 hour before departure and changed until the departure time. You can enjoy maximum comfort on a Relax seat on Tallinn-Tartu as well as on most of our international routes where we operate with the newest buses with extra wide seats. And of course, you can select your preferred seat yourself.

Customer program for everyone

You will join our customer program automatically when you insert your e-mail address while purchasing a ticket on our website. And every time when you use the same e-mail address for purchasing the tickets, you are already collecting trips towards a free ticket and discounts.

In our customer program we count your trips within the past 12 months and when you have reached the frequent traveler level, you will remain on it for the next 6 months. You can only collect trips towards the free ticket and frequent traveler discount when travelling with standard or comfort class tickets which are purchased from the Lux Express website or mobile app. Discount class tickets and zero-price tickets for preschool-age children and disabled persons are not included in the loyalty program. You collect one ticket from each trip. NB! Changed tickets do not count towards the 10 trips.

Example: You bought a ticket with the same email address for both yourself and your companion. After the trip, 1 ticket will be added to your ticket count, and zero tickets will be added to your companion's count.

You will see a list of your trips after you create a user account with the same e-mail address on our website However, if you do not wish to create an account, you will still collect trips and receive a free trip and discounts with the same e-mail automatically.