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Carbon neutral bus travel

Make every trip carbon neutral for sustainable consumption.

A 100 km journey with Lux Express generates an average of only 2.2 kg of CO₂ᵉ emissions per passenger. Compared to a small plane, it is more than 6x less.

Global warming = Threat to our planet

If we do nothing today, the average temperature could rise by 10 degrees in the next hundred years. This means climate catastrophe. To avoid such a scenario, we must achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. 

Be an informed consumer

Our goal is to raise awareness and reduce your footprint. As a conscious consumer, we can mitigate the impact on the climate and the planet.

Simple solution - In order for sustainable consumption to grow, carbon-free shopping must become normal and invisible in its best sense.

Completely transparent - We show where your contribution went.

For the good of nature - Our goal is to raise awareness and reduce your footprint. Together we do good.

Please help us make every trip carbon-neutral. Lux Express and Grenpay want to fight climate warming together with you. Make your next purchase carbon-free. With us, reducing the CO₂ footprint of every product and service is simple and transparent. Because every contribution counts!

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