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Lux Express Relax seat

Lux Express Lounge is our most modern coach with an exclusive lounge area at the back of the coach and Standard seats in the front area of the coach. While our high service quality ensures a smooth and comfortable ride also on our Standard seats, then Relax seats in the lounge area have additional comfort that is especially nice during longer trips,  because you can feel completely free on this spacious seat with a adjustable footrest.

*A adjustable footrest is available on Lounge buses serving international lines (except the last row of seats).

You can travel in Lux Express Relax seat on selected routes that are operated with Lux Express Lounge coaches. You can see the coach profile and available seat options while purchasing the tickets from our website.

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Additional benefits for your comfort
Browse through this gallery to find out about additional benefits that are available for passengers on Lux Express Relax seats.
Lux Express Relax seats offer additional benefits for more comfortable travelling
Superior seats in Lux Express Lounge bus
Extra wide legroom in Lux Express Lounge bus
Optional single seats in Lux Express Lounge bus
Lux Express Lounge buses are the newest in our fleet

Lux Express Lounge bus

There are two seat options on Lux Express Lounge coaches.

Travel on Relax seat for superior comfort and more personal space or downgrade to a Standard seat in front of the coach.

Relax seats
Standard seats

Lux Express Standard seat

Some Lux Express coaches don't have a Lounge area but our high service quality ensures a smooth and comfortable ride also on our Standard seats. 

You can see the coach profile and available seat options for a specific route and departure while purchasing the tickets from our website.

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Modern coaches with many amenities
All Lux Express coaches are modern and equipped with a number of amenities so you have the freedom to spend your time exactly as you prefer.
Modern and clean Lux Express bus with comfortable seats, Wi-Fi, coffee, toilet, AC and personal media screens
All Lux Express bus seats have seatbelts
Adjustable seats in Lux Express bus
Wide legroom in Lux Express bus
Free Wi-Fi and 220V power outlets in Lux Express bus
Personal media screen for watching movies in Lux Express bus
Onboard WC in Lux Express bus
AC by every seat in Lux Express bus

Why passengers prefer Lux Express

Quality time

We offer our passengers priceless quality time, something we are all constantly short of.

Comfort class

Sleep, read, watch movies or houses passing by in our spacious seats with legroom like no other and AC always keeping you cool.

Lux TV

Individual multimedia screen makes the trip more enjoyable. As they say - time flies when you're having fun.

Internet and 220V

Free Wi-Fi and power outlets by every seat help you stay connected on the road and give freedom to spend that quality time however you prefer.

Air Conditioning
Air Conditioning
Free Wi-Fi
Free Wi-Fi

Lux Express operates in 7 countries

Busy schedule, convenient connections and comfortable coaches to explore our wide network of destinations.

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