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Lux Express international travel info

Lux Express international travel info

Routes are operated according to the schedule. Add the departure and arrival points and the desired date to the search to find out if your trip will take place. The trip will take place if it is listed in the schedule on the date you need. 

1. I wish to change the date and time of my trip. How can I do that?

You can change the ticket on our website in self-service: Ticket change and return or in the Lux Express mobile app (available in the App Store and Google Play). 
If the changes cannot be made, please contact our Customer support by phone:
+372 6800 909 || +371 677 81350 || +7 812 4247089 

2. Are there any travel restrictions in my destination country?

Currently all border crossing restrictions related to COVID-19 have been lifted.  
There are no travel restrictions for the trips between the Baltic states and Poland. But please be acquinted with the travel documents requirements. Details here.

International trips connected to the Russian Federation

  • Estonia:

    There are restrictions for Russian citizens to enter the country.  
    The current restrictions can be found on the official website of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Estonia. 

    The rules of entry to Estonia also apply to travelers on Lux Express routes from St. Petersburg to Riga, as the route passes through the Ivangorod – Narva border. 

    Estonian border in Narva: +372 333 1600 

    NB! Currently there is interdiction on the import of certain goods from Russia to Estonia. Information about the transportation of goods, cash
  • Finland: 

    There are restrictions for Russian citizens to enter the country. 
    Detailed information is available on the website of the Finnish Border Guard. 

    Phone of the border guard: +358 295 420 000

    NB! Currently, there are restrictions on the transport of goods across the Finnish border. Details are available on the website of the Finnish Customs Service.

3. How long before departure is the bus served for boarding? 

15 minutes before the departure time. Please arrive at the boarding in advance, the bus departs strictly according to the schedule. 

4. How will I know if there is a departure delay? 

In case of departure delay, we will send an SMS message and/or an email with the actual departure time.  

5. How many pieces of luggage can I take? 

Each passenger is allowed to take on board no more than 2 pieces of luggage (free of charge): 

  • 1 hand luggage, which does not exceed 45 × 35 × 20 cm (length - width - height);
  • 1 bigger luggage weighing no more than 30 kg, which does not exceed 70 × 30 × 55 cm (length - width - height) 

    According to our Passengers and luggage transportation rules, as an exception, a passenger can take more than one piece of permitted luggage, if there is enough space in the luggage room, and if the bus driver agrees to place such baggage. The decision on the possibility of transporting additional baggage is made by the bus driver on the spot, depending on the situation. 

6. Is it possible to take a larger size hand luggage into the coach? 

Shelves in the coach cabins are not provided for luggage with dimensions exceeding 70 × 30 × 55 cm, thus larger luggage may not fit into the shelf.  

7. Can a child travel unaccompanied by an adult?

For details see in Traveling with minors.

8. Can I travel with my pet? 

Carriage of home animals and pets is not allowed on international routes. Read more in the Transportation rules. 

9. Is it possible to carry a bicycle? 

For details see in Travelling with bike.

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