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About Lux Express

We are constantly working to improve our service standards to offer the most comfortable and reliable way of travelling.

Even though Lux Express brand was introduced in 2008, the company dates back to 1994. It all started in Estonia but over decades the company has grown to operate the largest international coach network in the Baltic region with more than 20 destinations in 7 countries. We connect all regional capitals together, from Tallinn to Warsaw and from St. Petersburg to Helsinki.

Our coach fleet has more than 100 coaches and we take pride in our high service standards during the trips as well as what happens behind the scenes. We work every day to make sure that our coaches are clean and safe, that there is interesting content on media screens and that you would get the best customer service.


In Lux Express there are people who love what they do and do what they love

— Lux Express coach driver Julija

Lux Express coach in summer rain
Friendly drivers in Lux Express
Lux TV media screens for personal entertainment
Lux Express coach at sunset in St. Petersburg
Lux Express coach
Coffee onboard Lux Express coach
Lux Express in Tartu
Lux Express driver Julia Nikolenko
Lux Express and people in Estonian traditional clothes
Lux Express Lounge coach
Lux Express is part of Mootor Grupp

Lux Express in numbers

105 coaches

Currently we operate with 105 coaches. The average age of our coaches is 3.7 years.

74 243 km/day

Lux Express coaches travel on average 74 243 km every day. For comparison: the equator is 40 075 km.

27 M km/year

Our coaches travel 27 million km per year, that is approximately 2.2 million km every month, meaning it would take us only five days to get to the Moon.

20 000 GB

On average, nearly 20 000 GB (20 TB) of Wi-Fi data is used on our coaches monthly. Watching Netflix uses about 1 GB of data in one hour but one e-mail is on average only 0.1 MB of data. Looks like time well spent on Lux Express coaches.

More than 250 movies in Lux TV

Currently there are more than 250 movies, at least 10 popular TV shows and lots of latest music albums in Lux TV. New content is added every month.

4792 screens

All together Lux Express coaches have 4792 Lux TV media screens for personal entertainment during your trip - watch movies and popular TV series or listen to music.