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How to use discount or new ticket codes

How to use codes?
  • one code per one direct trip part (for example Riga-Vilnius, but not Riga-Vilnius-Riga)
  • one code per one passenger
  • if you have more than one code and you want to book a round trip or single trip for several passengers, then you need to book the tickets one ticket at the time

To book a ticket with a discount code, go to Lux Express homepage 

  1. insert your preferred journey data
  2. insert the discount code into the Promocode field
  3. hit SEARCH to activate the code and book your 100% compensated new trip


    NB! It is not possible to use more than one discount code at once. If you have more than one compensation code and you want to book more than one direction/trip, then please book the trips one by one.
For how long can I use these codes?

It depends on the campaign or specific codes terms. Most likely you were given this information together with the codes.

If I use the codes now to book a new trip but need to change these tickets later on – is that possible?

Yes, it is possible. If tickets have been booked with a 100% discounted code, it can be changed once without any additional fee by calling Lux Express customer service (phone number and opening hours can be found here). The second time you have to pay the price difference between the original and the amended ticket.

If the ticket is booked with another discounted code, then the price difference between the original and amended ticket must be paid via Lux Express self-service or by calling us.

Ticket change is possible until 1h before the original departure time.

The code is not giving a discount. What can be the problem?

Firstly, please check do you have a direct trip (not a connection trip) and one direction on a search bar (no return date). The next step is to check the number of passengers- the code is valid just for one passenger. If the code still does not give a discount, copy-paste the code once again and check if is there any free space before/after the code. If those things are all OK, please contact Lux Express customer service to check the code itself.