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Ticket change on international routes

On international routes travel ticket amendments are possible until 1 hour before the departure in cases when the route of the journey and the carrier are not changed as a result of desired amendments. Following amendments to the travel ticket are possible:

  • date and time of the journey;
  • name and surname of the passenger;
  • seat number and class (Relax and Regular).

Previously listed amendments can be made at:

  • Customer service offices of Lux Express;
  • via Lux Express customer service phone (in this case customer will need to provide credit details- credit card number, holder's name and surname, expiry date, and CVC/CVV code).

If the ticket was bought from or Lux Express mobile application, you can change the time and date via Lux Express self-service.

Additional facts regarding ticket change on international routes:

  • When amending travel tickets at customer service offices or with the help of the customer service phone of Lux Express the first time the change of date and time of the journey can be made without the service fee, every next change has a service fee of 2 €;
  • Customers can make amendments to their travel ticket at the customer service offices of Lux Express on the basis of an ID; via customer support phone and e-mail on the basis of the travel ticket number or purchase basket code and passenger name;
  • Frequent travelers can change their travel ticket until departure without a service fee. In case the new travel ticket is more expensive the price difference has to be paid;
  • It is not possible to change only one part of the connection trip. The full trip will be changed;
  • Until round trip/connection trip first departure it is possible to make changes on a ticket;
  • In the case of seat number change, no service fee will apply. If seat class changes Regular->Relax the price difference must be paid;
  • Amended travel tickets are not refundable (exception: ticket remains refundable if only the seat number has been changed).