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Lux Express provides you with reliable options for transit between coach station and your final destination. It is possible to order a taxi together with booking a ticket through our sales system or at Lux Express customer service offices.

Taxi service is provided in Tallinn, Tartu, Riga, St. PetersburgVilnius and Warsaw.

NB! Taxi voucher is paid together with bus tickets. The taxi voucher will be issued to you together with the tickets. Those who have bought tickets from the Internet, are obliged to print out the voucher. The voucher must be presented to the taxi driver.

  • Tallinn
  • Tartu
  • Riga
  • St. Petersburg
  • Vilnius
  • Warsaw

The taxi stop for Tallink Takso AS is located next to the arriving buses platform on the territory of the Tallinn Coach Station.

  • Zone 1 - City Centre, harbour area and Tallinn Airport – 5.50 EUR
  • Zone 2 - throughout Tallinn – 8 EUR

Transfer provided by Tallink Takso AS
Phone: 1224

The taxi stop for Go Taksopark is located next to the arrival terminal on the territory of the Tartu Coach Station and is marked with the logo of Tartu Taksopark.

Transfer provided by Go Taksopark OÜ
Phone: 1200

The taxi stop for Baltic Taxi is at the paid car park near the entrance for coaches to the territory of Riga Coach Station, but the driver of the Baltic Taxi will also meet the passenger near the coach when he or she arrives.

  • Zone 1 „City Centre 1” – 5.50 EUR
  • Zone 2 „City Centre 2” – 8 EUR
  • Zone 3 „Suburbs” – 12 EUR

The map of the taxi zones in Riga is available HERE.

Transfer provided by Baltic Taxi
Phone: (+371) 20008500

The taxi stop for Taxi 4000 000 is the parking lot at the side of Lux Express bus stop at St. Petersburg Coach Station.

  • Zone 1 (any end-point destination within 15 minutes ride (without traffic jams)) – 7.30 EUR (320 RUB)
  • Zone 2 (any end-point destination within 30 minutes ride (without traffic jams)) – 12 EUR (530 RUB)
  • Zone 3 (any end-point destination within 60 minutes ride (without traffic jams)) – 17 EUR (750 RUB)

The map of the taxi zones in St. Petersburg is available HERE.

Transfer provided by Temp Trans OOO
Phone: (+7) 9123456789

Taxi will be waiting you upon arrival in Vilnius at Lux Express bus stop located next to shopping centre Panorama.

Taxi service is offered within following zones:

  • Zone 1, City Centre (radius up to 5km) – price 5.30 EUR
  • Zone 2, City Centre including Airport (radius up to 8km) – price 7.40 EUR
  • Zone 3, Suburbs (radius up to 12km) – price 12.60 EUR

Map of the zones can be viewed HERE

Taxi voucher is paid together with your bus ticket.

1 (one) taxi voucher can be used for max 3 (three) passengers. Client using taxi service is obligated to present a taxi voucher to taxi driver as a printed document or at electronic device.

Please, note that in case your actual destination is located outside of the zone stated on your bought taxi voucher, you might be charged additionaly according to regular taxi tariffs for the distance, which is outside of the zone stated on your voucher. 

Taxi service is offered by Lux Express partner Smart Taxi (PGS Group UAB).

If you got any questions, feel free to contact us via phone +372 680 0909 or e-mail:

The taxi stop for EcoCar S.A is on a parking lot at the side of Lux Express bus stop Dw. Centralny 04. The starting point of the taxi service offered by EcoCar S.A. for zones “Airport” and “City Center” is a parking lot at the side of Lux Express bus stop Dw. Centralny 04. EcoCar taxi will be marked with Lux Express name on electronic display on its’ roof.

The client using the taxi service is obliged to inform the bus driver about further taxi service and then to present to the taxi driver printed voucher or his/her ID.
If the end-point of the taxi service is located outside of zone: „Airport” or „City center”, the customer should make further payment according to taximeter which must be switched on exiting the border of the zone.

  • “City Centre” – 10 EUR (42 PLN)
  • "Airport" – 10 EUR (42 PLN)

The map of the taxi zones in Warsaw is available HERE.

Transfer provided by EcoCar S.A
Phone: (+48) 123456789