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What to do in Narva, Estonia?

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When was the last time you visited Narva? What do tourists look for in the city by the border between the EU and Russia? The city’s location itself provokes a great interest and makes you want to know what it is like living by the border.

Beautiful sights and attractions

The famous ensemble of two fortresses, which rise on the opposite banks of the river, look very impressive, as they are so close. Narva Castle houses a museum, where a brand new modern exposition opened in the summer of 2020 to present the history of the city and the castle. Moreover, as a result of the restoration works some premises in the castle, which had not seen any tourist became accessible. This makes it interesting even for those who have been to the castle many times before. You will surely be amazed among with other attractions in Narva.

The River Narva is not only the largest river in Estonia, it is also a natural border between Estonia and the EU. Walking along the beautiful river promenade you can enjoy the view of the mighty fortresses on the opposite banks and Narva bastions. You cannot get any closer to the border between Estonia and the EU than here! Once you get on top of the bastions, you will be able to walk in Dark Garden and drop by Victoria bastion casemates. Then once you reach the end of the promenade, go up to Alexander church where you will find a viewing platform and church museum. You can also enjoy a video installation about Narva displayed on the church vaults.  

If you feel like enjoying a beautiful sunset, head to so called Narva Venice, which is in Kulgu harbour on Narva Reservoir near the Narva Power Plants. 

What to do in Narva?

Because of the city’s unique location our guests surely expect some special gastronomic experience too. You can have lunch in Restoran Rondeel in Narva Castle or in Cafe Muna on the first floor of Narva College of Tartu University, which is on the square by the Townhall. Both are among the best dining places in Estonia according to The White Guide (a Scandianvian restaurant guide). You can also drop in a small but very stylish cafe No2 in the theatre centre Vaba Lava. Here you can try dishes in the best traditions of modern Estonian cuisine, while listening to live jazz, as concerts here are very frequent. If you are a fan of a filling meat meal you will surely appreciate the menus in Narva’s newest industrial style restaurant Narova Grill House. It is located in the premises of a former furniture factory right next to the famous Old Narva scale model, which is open for visitors again. And of course, Narva’s famous lampreys! You can taste the unusual fish in Restaurant Narva Pärl or in Restaurant Rondeel. For a dessert, go to a small cozy cafe Bublik, where you will enjoy fresh tea or coffee and delicious desserts. If you wish you can spoil yourself with some dumplings (vareniki) with diferent fillings too.

If you feel like shopping, Ida-Virumaa biggest shopping centre Astri is waiting for you. There are not only shops, but also a cinema, a planetarium and bowling. 

Although Narva is the third biggest city in Estonia it is very compact. However, you had better plan an overnight trip here if you want to see the most of the city. There are nicely located in the city centre hotels along with budget-friendly guesthouses and hostels. Hotel Narva, for example, is very near to the bus station. All necessary information and a city interactive map is available on Narva tourist website .

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