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Holiday vacation? Discover these fun things to do in Estonia

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On the eastern border of the Baltic Sea lies the Republic of Estonia. Formerly under the Iron Curtain of the Soviet Union after World War II, Estonia has since become one of the best countries in the world on several different economic and social platforms.

As well as cooler temperatures, this Baltic country gets average snowfall for the area and has several winter activities unique to the country. In the summer months, hiking, exploring, and golf are excellent things to do in Estonia, where humidity is low. 

Here are some of the best places to check out when you’re visiting Estonia! 

Tallinn In Winter 

The capital city of Estonia, Tallinn, offers a variety of fun activities unique to Estonia. During winter, it’s a must to visit the Tallinn Old Town, which is the most populous city in Estonia. The Christmas market in the Old Town Square turns into a wonderland, with different shop vendors pouring in from all over the country. 


If you prefer some action, why not go for a snow-ride pulled by Huskies? These dogs are incredibly friendly and curious to meet new visitors. You’ll enjoy their company almost as much as they’ll enjoy yours! 

Estonia's Huskypark is located in Raplamaa, just an hour away from Tallinn city centre. This is the home for 40 sled dogs, 2 horses, cat and a rabbit. The winter package includes a guided tour, sledding with huskies, food and tea, train station transfers and much more.

Estonian Golf Club 

Near the capital city of Tallinn is the prestigious Estonian Golf and Country Club. Choose between the 9-hole, links-style Stone Course, and the 18-hole championship level Sea Course. 

As you might imagine, the Sea Course features spectacular ocean views from tee to green. The Stone course plays around unusual stone wall rock formations and boulders, making it rather unique. If you aren’t in the mood for a full round, you can always spend an hour on the driving range at the club. 

Seawall in Pärnu 

Couples who will be vacationing in Pärnu for the holiday shouldn’t miss this attraction. There’s a rich history behind the rugged wall of boulders built in the 1860s on top of the remains of the original 17th-century wall. 

Legend has it that couples who hold hands at the wall, walk all the way to the end, and share a kiss on the endpoint will stay together forever. Make sure to only venture out at low tide, though! 

Seaplane Harbour 

The Seaplane Harbour Museum, in Tallinn, Estonia, is one of the attractions in the area that caters for fans of maritime history. 

The museum houses old-time treasures, such as a 1936 submarine named Lembit, which was an Estonian Navy submarine, and the wreck of the wooden ship Maasilinn. 

It also has its fair share of new-tech exhibits, including submarine and flight simulators. 

The museum is split into three levels - air, sea, and under the sea. Whether you’re interested in old ships, war-time planes, the history of Estonia, or just want to learn how to pilot a submarine, you’ll find something fascinating at the Seaplane Harbour Museum. 

Jägala Waterfall 

About 20 minutes outside of Tartu is the Jägala waterfall. It’s located near the end of the Jägala River, just before turning into the Gulf of Finland, and is the highest (8 meters) and the widest waterfall in Estonia. 

Winter is the best time to see it. During the colder winter days, the waterfall will freeze, and visitors are able to walk underneath it as if it were frozen in time. 

Narva Castle 

You’ll get postcard-worthy photos from the top of this landmark. Climb the 167-foot lookout tower, and you’ll be able to see views of both Russia and Estonia. On the tower, you are standing on top of a fortress, almost 800 years old. 

Inside, you’ll find a museum packed with fascinating history about the castle and Narva itself, and on occasion, art exhibits. 

Medieval Experience Center 

Visitors to Kuressaare, young and old, should not miss this exciting chance to participate in a host of medieval activities that you often only see in movies! 

Try on some old-school armor, wield heavy weapons, use ancient tools, or even mint a coin or two. Once you’ve been through the medieval torture chamber, calm your nerves by cuddling some of the center’s fluffy rabbits. 

Get Cultural in Võru

Võru houses two different sets of indigenous people, which makes it an interesting cultural area when looking at things to do in Estonia. 

Aside from libraries, museums, and cultural centers, you’ll find a multitude of music festivals, both traditional and modern, sporting events, and even a food fair. 

Ilon’s World of Wonders 

If Haapsalu is where you’ll be, don’t miss Ilon’s World of Wonders. It’s one of the more fun, crafty things to do in Estonia, and is based on Astrid Lindgren's series of children's books, which was illustrated by Ilon Vikland. 

Adults and kids alike will find this attraction interesting. You can work on your stilt-walking, try on costumes, and create artwork. You’ll also learn about the artist behind the lovely illustration, which is dotted all around. 

Tuhala Witch’s Well 

Since 2012, this unique attraction has been a “Wonder of Estonia”. This disappearing geyser was thought to be the location of battling witches, according to the Estonian legend! 

The entrance to the geyser is simply the back end of a natural spring, which opens into an underground river. Once in a while, when it rains heavily, the river rises substantially, leading to water spewing from the Witch’s Well. 

As interesting as this is to see, it can lead to severe flooding in the surrounding areas. But it’s still worth a visit if you’re in Estonia and nearby - how many people can say they’ve been to witches’ battlegrounds? 

Kaali Meteorite Field 

If you are looking for interesting things to do in Estonia, you definitely shouldn’t miss the chance to visit a real-life site of a meteor crash! There are nine craters in this little cluster, and it’s believed that the impact happened around 3,500 years ago, making it one of the oldest attractions in Estonia. 

If you didn’t know what you were looking at, it could be easy to mistake the craters for simple small lakes, as they’re filled with water now. The largest one is 360-feet in diameter. The other eight are noticeably smaller, and are all within 0,62 miles of the main crater. 

Soomaa National Park 

One of the most beautiful natural attractions in Estonia, Soomaa National Park is an Important Bird Area, a Ramsar Site of Protected Wetlands, and a Natura 2000 area, so it’s extremely well protected. 

From November to May, hiking is the activity of choice around the park. In the “fifth season”, or high-water season, the park isn’t closed - instead, you can explore the area with a canoe. 

A visit to the park in the wet season is a worthwhile experience. Even in the summer you are treated to some unusual experiences, including log-boat building classes and bog walks. 

Go Skiing 

If you’re a winter person, you’ll find some great skiing opportunities in Estonia. The country’s terrain is fairly flat, so this is a good spot for the beginners and intermediates. 

This is the ideal winter fun experience in Estonia. You can also ski almost any forest and ski resort you want to, in Tallinn, Järva County, Nüpli, and well, pretty much anywhere else. 

If you’re in Estonia in the winter months, one of the many ski resorts in the country would be a good place to spend some time. 


Estonia is full of interesting and exciting experiences. If you’re there, whether it’s for business or vacation, you would be missing out if you didn’t try to fit in at least a few fun activities! 

Things to do in Estonia are many and varied, and these are just a few of the best places to visit. There’s something for everyone, from the adventurous to the culturally inclined. This is definitely the place where you can plan your perfect holiday for the wintertime.

Written by: Jordan Fuller