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Students podcast "Rokturis" NOW available on the bus!

Listen to the podcast on Lux Express media screens

Lux Express together with Riga Technical University students invite you to listen to their podcast about architecture "Rokturis" on the individual media screens in the bus.

In order to promote the exchange of experiences and ideas on various issues related to architecture and design, the students of the RTU Institute of Architecture and Design have created the "Rokturis" podcast. 

"Rokturis" is a platform for informal conversations about current affairs and events for architects and design, a place to discuss various issues of place creation and environment creation, and sometimes simply to share the "pains" of students.

Architecture students love to talk and their interests are very broad. However, there is a feeling from time to time that the communication between students, practicing architects and the clients and users of architecture is insufficient. That's why the idea to create a podcast came up.

The creators of "Rokturis" would like to thank everyone who helped make this plan a reality. While creating the episodes of the first season of the podcast, the students approached well-known architects and experts and were surprised by their great responsiveness and willingness to talk. Sincere thanks to Austris Mailītis, Uldis Lukševics, Guntis Grabovskis, Jāzeps Bikša, Intas Mengeļis, Ilmārs Dirveiks for their participation in the creation of the first episodes of the podcast!

Each new episode of the podcast will step by step help expand the horizon of knowledge and allow you to look at what architecture is from the outside. “Rokturis" is not a podcast only about architecture, it is a podcast about the space and environment in which we are and live, a podcast about a place and the role of a person in it. In the first season of "Rokturis" we will try to find answers to the questions "What is modern nationalism?", "How is soul introduced in an empty space?" etc. Let's not be afraid to step outside the framework of architecture and talk about tidiness, waste management, presentation skills, personal efficiency, etc. c.

Thanks to the Media Center of the Public Relations Department of RTU and its manager Armin Ronis, as well as to all students and other active members of the Institute of Architecture and Design of RTU for their participation and support in the creation of the podcast!

Podcast Creative Team:

  • Author of the idea and producer of the podcast – Alisa Grebeņukas.
  • Hosts of the podcast – Elizabete Dreimane, Artūrs Dāvids Bieziņš.
  • Podcast audio editing directors – Dominiks Cipkins, Tom Martins Šaķis.
  • Head of the podcast scenario group – Marija Ozola.
  • The author of the podcast logo – Júlija Zilbere.

See you in headphones on  Lux Express bus,  Spotify, Youtube and Apple Podcast!
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