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Lux Express Discounts: Travel More for Less

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Lux Express stands out as a leading provider of bus services, offering both domestic and international routes that connect numerous destinations across Europe.

Renowned for its comfort, convenience, and customer service, Lux Express also prides itself on making travel accessible and affordable for everyone. With a variety of discounts available, passengers can enjoy significant savings on their journeys, whether they're embarking on a short domestic trip or an international adventure. Here's a comprehensive guide to the discounts offered by Lux Express, ensuring you can make the most of your travel budget.

Lux Express discounts for tickets within Estonia

For travelers within Estonia, Lux Express offers an array of discounts catering to a diverse group of passengers:

  • Pre-school Children (up to 7 years): Travel for free, ensuring family trips are more affordable.
  • Children (up to 16 years): Enjoy a 40% discount, making those family vacations and school trips lighter on the pocket.
  • Youth (up to 26 years): Benefit from a 26% discount, perfect for students and young adults exploring their homeland.
  • Seniors (60 years and over): Receive a 40% discount, encouraging more travel and exploration in the golden years.
  • Disabled Children (up to 16 years) and Profound Disabilities (16 years and over): Eligible for a 100% discount, Lux Express ensures travel is inclusive and accessible.
  • Visual Impairments: Those with severe or profound visual disabilities, along with their accompanying individuals, can also travel for free, promoting accessibility for all.
  • Pets: Receive a 40% discount, because Lux Express understands that pets are part of the family too.

Current Special Campaigns for Estonian Domestic Routes:

  • Enjoy a 40% discount on return tickets from Monday to Thursday.
  • Groups of 4 can travel together and save 20%, making group outings more affordable.

International Adventures Await Thanks to Lux Express International Discounts

Lux Express does not limit its discounts to domestic routes alone. International travelers can also enjoy a range of discounts:

  • Children (up to 7 years): Benefit from an 80% discount, making international family travel significantly more accessible.
  • Children (up to 16 years) and Youth (up to 26 years): Avail of a 40% discount, with a special consideration for trips starting or ending in St. Petersburg where the discount is 10%.
  • Seniors (60 years and over): A 10% discount is offered, encouraging exploration and travel at any age.

Exclusive Campaigns for International Routes:

  • Collect points towards a free 11th ticket for any Lux Express departure, rewarding frequent travelers.

Essential Documentation

To avail of these discounts, passengers must provide valid documentation during the booking process and when boarding the bus. This includes ID cards for age-related discounts, disability cards issued by the Social Insurance Board for those with disabilities, and, for pets, no proof is required but they must be properly caged or in a travel bag.

Traveling with Minors

When it comes to traveling with minors on Lux Express, both domestic and international journeys have specific guidelines to ensure the safety and well-being of younger passengers. For trips within Estonia, children up to 7 years old must be accompanied by a responsible attendant—this can be a family member who is at least 10 years old or another individual who is at least 18 years old. Children who are 8 years old and older may travel unaccompanied, provided their parents or legal guardians are aware of their whereabouts and the child has a way to communicate with them. We underscore the importance of the legal guardian's responsibility in these situations and advise that contact information for the parents should be carried by minors when traveling alone.

For international travel, the guidelines are different. Children up to 11 years old must travel with an accompanying person, such as a parent or an adult attendant. This requirement is in place to comply with the varying legal and safety standards across countries. It's crucial for guardians to familiarize themselves with the specific border crossing requirements for minors and to ensure all necessary permissions are in place. For minors aged 12 and above traveling alone, written parental consent along with contact details is recommended. This consent might need to be notarized, especially for journeys originating from certain countries, such as Russia, where the law mandates notarized parental consent detailing the travel period and destinations.

Booking and Pricing Notes

  • A service fee is applied to tickets purchased from the Tallinn bus station or via the Lux Express customer service phone number. However, this fee is waived for tickets bought directly from the Lux Express website.
  • Discounted ticket prices are rounded to the nearest €0.10 when purchased online, and to the nearest €0.50 when bought from the bus driver, ensuring transactions are quick and efficient.

Traveling with Lux Express is not just about reaching your destination; it's about enjoying a comfortable, convenient, and affordable journey. With these discounts, Lux Express demonstrates its commitment to accessibility, inclusivity, and customer satisfaction. Whether you're planning a short trip or a cross-border adventure, make sure to take advantage of these offers and discover the beauty of Europe with Lux Express.

Cycle Your Way Across Europe with Lux Express: Bike Rides for FREE!

In addition to the myriad of discounts and special offers, Lux Express has introduced an unbeatable deal for cycling enthusiasts. Understanding the rising popularity of eco-friendly and active travel, Lux Express allows passengers to bring their bicycles along for the journey, absolutely free of charge! This initiative not only caters to the needs of those who prefer to explore destinations on two wheels but also aligns with Lux Express's commitment to sustainable travel practices.

Hassle-Free Bicycle Travel

With a dedicated bicycle ticket, Lux Express guarantees a spot for your bike on the bus. This service started from the summer of 2023, following valuable feedback from passengers and drivers concerning safety concerns at certain stops. To ensure the well-being of all, bicycles can now be boarded only at designated stops that offer safe loading and unloading away from busy highways or narrow stop pockets.

Designated Stops for Your Convenience

Lux Express has identified a comprehensive list of stops where passengers can safely board with their bicycles. These include major stations and ports across Estonia and extend to international routes to the Baltics and Warsaw (excluding Warsaw Centralny). Notable stops include Tallinn Coach Station, Tartu Coach Station, Pärnu Coach Station, and many more, covering a wide array of destinations perfect for your next cycling adventure.

Buying a Bicycle Ticket

Booking a bicycle ticket is a breeze and comes at no extra cost. However, it's essential to book this ticket simultaneously with your travel ticket directly on the Lux Express website. Due to the limited space in luggage compartments, up to four bicycles can be accommodated per journey, ensuring your bike is safely stored. Lux Express also provides protective covers for bicycles, safeguarding both your bike and other luggage during transit.

Before You Board

To ensure a smooth journey, passengers are advised to arrive at least 15 minutes before departure. This extra time allows for the proper packing of your bicycle in the luggage compartment with assistance from the driver if necessary. While the front wheel typically doesn't need to be removed, adjustments such as turning the handlebar or lowering the seat might be required to fit the bike snugly in its cover.

Important Reminders

  • A bicycle ticket can only be booked for journeys within the European Union and cannot be added retroactively to an existing passenger ticket.
  • For non-EU trips, such as the St. Petersburg to Tallinn route, bicycles may be accommodated in the luggage compartment based on available space and at the discretion of the coach driver.

Lux Express's bicycle-friendly policy opens up new horizons for travelers seeking to combine bus travel with cycling. Whether you're heading to a local destination or setting off on an international tour, Lux Express ensures your bicycle is part of the journey. This innovative approach not only enhances travel flexibility but also promotes an active and environmentally friendly mode of exploring new places. So, gear up and plan your next adventure with Lux Express, where your bike rides for free!