Tartu - Kuressaare

Welcome to the magical island of Saaremaa where time has a different value. Relaxing vacation gets a whole new meaning in Kuressaare.

daily departures
5 h 50 min
travel time

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Seat options

Choose Lux Express Standard seat or upgrade to Lux Express Lounge seat for even more comfortable trip.

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Lux Express Lounge
Lux Express Standard

Why passengers prefer Lux Express

Quality time

We offer our passengers priceless quality time, something we are all constantly short of.


Sleep, read, watch movies or houses passing by in our spacious seats with legroom like no other and AC always keeping you cool.

Lux TV

Individual multimedia screen makes the trip more enjoyable. As they say - time flies when you're having fun.

Internet and 220V

Free Wi-Fi and power outlets by every seat help you stay connected on the road and give freedom to spend that quality time however you prefer.

Hand Sanitizers
Free Wi-Fi
Air Conditioning

Carry everything you need with no additional fee for baggage

For your own and other passengers safety and comfort only one piece of hand luggage is allowed on board. Larger bags or cases are placed in a luggage compartment of the coach. Luggage is placed in a luggage compartment and handed back to the passengers by the coach crew.

Taxi transferin

Save yourself time - book your ride instantly and taxi will be waiting for you upon arrival!