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Route Tallinn – Vilnius starts from 1 June


From 1st June Lux Express is starting to operate with Lux Express coach in route Tallinn – Riga – Vilnius and Vilnius – Riga – Tallinn. The coach is going to replace the Minibus departure and is departing from Tallinn coach station in the morning at 6:00. In the journey to Vilnius, the coach will stop in Riga, where it departs from Riga’s coach station at 10:35 and arrives to Vilnius at 15:00. It provides a good opportunity for private and corporate customers to start the travel early in the morning and to reach the destination city in reasonable time, for reaching to the airport on time, discovering city sights, culture and cuisine, arrangeing business meetings etc.  

In the journey from Vilnius to Tallinn the coach is starting from Vilnius coach station at 16:10 (it has also a stop near Panorama shopping centre). The coach has a stop in Riga's coach station, from where it departs at 20:35, and arrives to Tallinn almost at midnight, at 00:50. It allows to finish the day in reasonable time and creates the possibility to reach back home or to the destination city by night, in purpose to start the day as freshened up.

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