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Research: next year almost every second Latvian has commitment to travel more frequently


In the new year almost every second or 48% of Latvian citizens have commitment to travel more frequently, the same number of respondents acknowledged that one of the trip destinations will be the Baltic States, concluded in research prepared by the leading passengers carrying company in the Baltic States Lux Express. Research carried out among 571 respondents aged from 17 to 74 years.
"We have seen that the travel costs for Latvians are still a sensitive issue. This is confirmed by data from our research - one fourth or 25% of respondents their commitment next year to visit one of the Baltic countries explained with the fact that it does not require considerable finances. Moreover, in the recent years significantly have increased tourism facilities in the Baltic States, offering more eco-tourism opportunities. In addition to the traditional city and nature viewing, people more often prefer to visit the organic farms, original nature trails and parks,” says Lux Express chairman Hannes Saarpuu.

Lux Express research data showed an interesting trend – still every fifth Latvian admitted that in the Baltic States there are a lot of unfamiliar places. Approximately 4% of the respondents said that they will travel to the Baltic States because of the spa offerings.

According to Lux Express research a little bit more than a quarter of the respondents their commitment to travel more frequently explained with the need to relax, 18% of respondents indicated that it is a chance to learn about other cultures, but only 4% expressed confidence that will travel more frequently because lately they feel less negative impact of the crisis. But 29% of respondents haven’t the thought on this.