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New stop and timetable on the route Riga-Kaliningrad


Dear clients,

From 26.11.2012 a new timetable will be valid on the Lux Express route Riga-Kaliningrad. Also there is a new stop Kaliningrad Avtovokzal (Zheleznodorozhnaya Str. 7).

The bus will depart from Kaliningrad Avtovokzal (Zheleznodorozhnaya Str. 7) at 21.45, next stop will be Kaliningrad „Avtovakzal KönigAvto“ (Moskovski prospekt 184).
From 26.11.2012 „KönigAvto“ will depart from „Avtovokzal KönigAvto“ at 22.00, their buses will not depart from Zheleznodorozhnaya Str. 7.

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