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Kuressaare and Pärnu route buses now also stop at the "Virve" stop in Tallinn

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From November 16, Lux Express buses on the Tallinn-Pärnu and Tallinn-Kuressaare routes will stop in the city of Tallinn, in addition to the Tallinn bus station and Vana-Pääsküla, at the "Virve" bus stop in the Kristiine district.

Since the Virve stop in front of the Väike-Järve center is on the side of a five-lane street, for the sake of faster and smoother traffic, the Lux Express bus stops at the Virve stop only if a ticket has been purchased in advance to enter the bus from this stop.

Pärnu-Tallinn and Kuressaare-Pärnu buses now stop before arriving at the Tallinn bus station, in addition to Vana-Pääsküla, instead of the Järve stop, a few hundred meters away at the former "Risti" bus stop, which is located near the Järve center.

Ingmar Roos, the Estonian business manager of Lux Express, explained the reasons behind the changes: "As a result of the extensive street repair works in Tallinn, last summer we conducted a survey among our passengers, which stops in Tallinn they would like to use when traveling to Western Estonia besides Tallinn Bus Station and Vana-Pääsküla. More than 5,500 passengers responded to our survey, and bus stops around Järve center in the Kristiine district dominated the responses due to their good transfer and parking options." Roos added that Lux Express is committed not only to comfort, but also to environmentally friendly transportation options: "Our recent changes in the selection of bus stops are part of our effort to support a greener lifestyle. Lux Express will continue to work with local authorities to enable more stops close to home, where people actually move, and to promote more environmentally friendly transport options.”

In the city of Tallinn, depending on the direction of departure, Lux Express buses stop not only at the Tallinn bus station, but also at Tallinn Airport and Mõigu, Mustakivi, Virve, Risti and Vana-Pääsküla bus stops.