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Registration of passengers on entering Latvia

Passengers arriving to or travelling through Latvia are required to fill in a form with passenger data.

Starting from 16th of July, all passengers arriving to Latvia by means of international passenger transport, including by coach, plane, boat and train, are registered. The data is collected in regards to the prevention of coronavirus spread and it has been made mandatory by the Latvian government.

Starting from 12th of October 2020 (at midnight), there will be an electronic form available at

All passengers, who are crossing the Latvian border (even if only for transit) starting from 12th of October 2020, are required to fill in the electronic form not earlier than 48 hours before crossing the Latvian border. After filling in the form, certifying their contact information, the traveller will receive by e-mail a QR code which is assigned to them personally and which also confirms that the information they submitted on the electronic questionnaire was received. 

Starting from 12th of October, all Lux Express passengers must fill in the electronic form, receive the QR code and show the QR code to the coach driver together with the ticket.

NB! If the person does not present the confirmation QR code to the coach driver before departure, Lux Express will not take the passenger onboard!

More information about the online registration can be found from here: