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Timetable changes on the Lux Express Tartu-Pärnu route from the 1st of January

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From the 1st of January, the Lux Express will have several departure changes on the Tartu-Pärnu route. Morning departure on Tartu-Viljandi-Pärnu route will depart 15 minutes earlier than before, at 8:30, and the evening departure will be 25 minutes later than before - at 16:45.

Lux Express Estonian business manager Ingmar Roos explained the reasons behind the change: "Over time, we have received feedback from the students of the University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy that the morning bus could arrive in Viljandi before 10 o'clock in order to reach the lectures with enough time, and now we have been able to meet this request." Roos added that also the change in the evening was largely due to the feedback received from passengers who want bus departures as late as possible. "Since the number of buses is limited, we cannot always offer very late evening departure times, but we will definitely try to find the best solution for rush-hour passengers," Roos explained.

If the last Lux Express bus departs from Tartu to Pärnu at 16:45, the new departure time from Viljandi is 18:00. The afternoon departure of Lux Express from Pärnu to Tartu departs 15 minutes later than in the previous schedule - at 12:30.

The new timetable of Lux Express on the Tartu-Viljandi-Pärnu route from January 1, 2023:

  • Tartu Bus Station-> Viljandi, Pärnu 8.30, 12.45 and 16.45
  • Viljandi Bus Station-> Pärnu 9.45, 14.00 and 18.00
  • Pärnu Bus Station -> Viljandi, Tartu 7.45, 12.30 and 16.45
  • Viljandi Bus Station -> Tartu 9.15, 14.00 and 18.15

In addition to the stops listed above, buses also stop at Paulus, Maarjamõisa hospital, Ravila, Ristimäe, Leie, Kalmetu, Kesklinna school, Freedom Square (Vabaduse plats), Kõpu, Kanaküla, Kilingi-Nõmme, Raeküla and Papiniidu stops. NB! Some stops are for entry only and some for exit only. The detailed timetable can be found on the page.

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