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The latest Lux Express Tallinn-Tartu route bus will depart Tallinn bus station at 23:00 every day

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From Wednesday, February 1, the latest Lux Express Tallinn-Tartu route bus will depart Tallinn bus station at 23:00 every day. In addition to the bus station, the bus also stops at the A-terminal (Harbor) and Tallinn Airport, allowing those arriving from late trips to travel comfortably to Tartu.

Ingmar Roos, the Estonian business manager of Lux Express, is pleased that the bus company can once again make South Estonians happy: "The main reason for opening this route was the wishes of the people living in Tartu. The new departure is important especially for those who arrive at the harbor with the last trips, to the airport with the late evening flights or for those who want to enjoy cultural events in Tallinn. We can now offer everyone the opportunity to return home to Tartu late at night."

The bus departs from the A-terminal (Harbor) every late evening at 23:20, which allows you to comfortably continue your journey directly to Tartu by bus from the cruise ship arriving from Helsinki to Tallinn at 23:00. Also, A-tarminal (Harbor) stop is now a shorter distance to the bus for all Tallinn's Old Town theaters or Kalamaja entertainment venues visitors. The latest possibility to travel from Tallinn to Tartu is at 23:35 from the Tallinn Airport.

The deputy mayor of Tartu, Raimond Tamm, said that the late-night opportunity to get home from Tallinn is undoubtedly very important for both Tartu's residences returning from foreign trips and visiting the capital. "We discussed these wishes and needs with Lux Express representatives, and I am very happy that the additional late evening departure from Tallinn to Tartu will become a reality. I really hope that this convenient bus ride option will be well received by passengers," Tamm added.

According to Roos, work is underway at Lux Express in order to further tighten the schedule between Tallinn and Tartu and to offer both the people of Tartu and the people of Tallinn more convenient ways to move between cities, especially in a situation where the costs of traveling by car have increased so much.

On the way from Tallinn to Tartu, the new route has several demand stops for departures in Järvamaa and Jõgevamaa. The trip will be served by the Lux Express Lounge bus, which, in addition to the standard class, also has exclusive Relax seats with more leg room and the option to choose whether to sit on a single seat under the window or on a double seat with a travel companion.

Tallinn – A-Terminal (Harbor) – Tartu route timetable, from February 1:

23.00   Tallinn bus station

23.20   A-terminal (Harbor)

23.35   Tallinn Airport

00.35* Mäeküla

00.40* Koigi

00.47* Paia

00.54* Adavere

01.00* Puhu rist

01.14* Puurmani rist

01.41* Lõuna (Tartu)

01.43* Maarjamõisa (Tartu)

01.45* Pauluse (Tartu)

01.50   Tartu bus station
* stop for exit only

The bus stop at the Terminal A (Harbor),departure time 23:20. 
The bus stop at Tallinn Airport, departure time 23:35.

Discounts apply in Lux Express: seniors under 60 years -40%, children up to 16 years -40%, young people up to 26 years -26%, preschool children, disabled children up to 16 years old, profoundly disabled persons 16 years old and older, and severe or persons with profound visual impairment and their companion travel free of charge.

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