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From March 1, the latest bus on the Tartu-Tallinn route departs at 22:00

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Starting next Friday, March 1, the last Lux Express bus from Tartu to Tallinn will depart at 22:00 every evening instead of the previous Friday and Sunday. This innovation gives citizens of Tartu the opportunity to reach the capital city late at night and also allows guests to comfortably travel back to Tallinn after the end of the last cultural events.

According to Lux Express Estonian business manager Ingmar Roos, the new departure time opens up new opportunities for traffic between Tartu and Tallinn: "This is particularly important as part of Tartu 2024, the European capital of culture, where a diverse selection of cultural events offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy the city's rich cultural program and a late-night return trip without worrying."

In addition to the Tartu bus station, the bus also stops at the city bus stop KESKLINN VI near Tartu Kaubamaja at 22:02. For the sake of faster and smoother passenger service, the bus stops at the Kesklinn VI stop only if a ticket to enter from this stop has been purchased in advance. At 22:05, the bus also picks up passengers from the Tähtvere district at the Tartu Exhibitions stop. On the journey, a stop will be made in Jõgeva County at Puhu risti, and upon arrival in Tallinn, the bus will stop at Mõigu, Tallinn Airport and Tallinn Bus Station. The line is served by a Lux Lounge bus with all amenities.

The new departure time from Tartu to Tallinn at 22:00 offers passengers greater flexibility and the opportunity to fully enjoy days full of culture in Tartu.