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Lux Express extends the Tallinn-Haapsalu route to Rohuküla port

5 min

From April 1, the current 13:30 Tallinn-Haapsalu bus will depart from Haapsalu bus station at 15:10 to Rohuküla port, where it is possible to transfer to the ferry to Hiiumaa departing at 16:00.

At 14:30, the ferry from Hiiumaa arrives at Rohuküla port at 15:45, and at 15:50 the Lux Express bus leaves from the Rohuküla port bus stop for Haapsalu, from where it continues its journey to Tallinn at 16:15.

With the new timetable, Lux Express creates an additional opportunity to travel by public transport between Hiiumaa and the mainland. In Hiiumaa, intra-county bus transport is coordinated with departing and arriving ferries.