Support of route Riga-Liepāja for commercial passenger transportation

Lux Express is pleased with the support expressed by the Public Transport Council on Friday, March 1, for the opening of the regional route Riga-Liepāja for commercial passenger transportation. 

"We are happy with such a decision and now we are eagerly awaiting the Road Transport Administration announcement about the opening of this route for commercial passenger transport and the answer to our application for a permit so that we can provide passenger transportation on the Riga-Liepāja and Liepāja-Daugavpils routes," says  Lux Express Baltic Business Development Director Aldis Ķibēns, adding that the company would be ready to start passenger transportation immediately. 

"Currently, the most important step for the development of the industry would be the opening of this and other routes for commercial passenger transportation, which would not only promote competition in the market, but also allow passengers to choose the quality of service they want," emphasizes A. Ķibēns.

It has already been reported that in the middle of November of last year, "Lux Express" submitted an application to the Road Transport Administration to include the routes Riga-Liepāja and Liepāja-Daugavpils in the list of commercial routes of regional importance and to issue route permits to "AS Lux Express Estonia" for them.

All flights on the Riga-Liepāja and Liepāja-Daugavpils routes will be made by "Irizar i6s Efficient" buses manufactured in 2023, which offer one of the highest levels of comfort in the industry. These buses are almost 15% more economical than the previous most modern and economical buses of the Lux Express fleet. They have 30% less air resistance and at least 13% less emissions and fuel consumption. In addition, all buses will have toilets, Wi-Fi, media screens with content also in Latvian, as well as free hot drinks, explained A. Ķibēns.