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NEW regional route Riga - Liepaja opening from May 2


The largest bus transport company in the Baltic region, Lux Express will start passenger commercial transportation on the regional route Riga–Liepāja from May 2, and from May 3 on the Liepāja–Riga–Daugavpils route, the company informed.

"We are delighted that with the blessing of the Ministry of Transport, the State Road Transport Directorate (ATD), and the Liepāja City Council, we have managed to reach the point where we are now and can announce the start date of commercial passenger transportation on these regional routes," says Aldis Ķibēns, Director of Baltic Business Development at Lux Express.

Lux Express, as the leader in the Baltic market in terms of the number of passengers transported, firmly believes that opening new routes for commercial passenger transportation is the right step for the industry's development, which will not only promote competition in the market but also allow passengers to choose the desired service quality for themselves.

"Liepāja is growing and developing – this summer the city will host the World Rally Championship, next year we will celebrate the four hundredth anniversary of Liepāja, in 2027 we will be the European Capital of Culture. Already now, we have reached a record number of tourists. Convenient, safe, and regular traffic between cities is a basic need not only for Liepāja residents but also a prerequisite for the city's further growth. Therefore, I am truly delighted with the new commercial line, which promises to be not only comfortable but also environmentally friendly," emphasizes Gunārs Ansiņš, Chairman of the Liepāja City Council. 

It has already been reported that in mid-November of last year, Lux Express submitted an application to the State Road Transport Directorate to include the routes Riga–Liepāja and Liepāja–Daugavpils in the list of commercial regional routes and to issue "AS Lux Express Estonia" route permits.

All trips on the routes Riga–Liepāja and Liepāja–Daugavpils will be operated with buses "Irizar i6s Efficient" manufactured in 2023, which offer one of the highest levels of comfort in the industry. These buses are almost 15% more economical than the previous "Lux Express" modern and economical buses. They have 30% less air resistance and at least 13% less emissions and fuel consumption. In addition, all buses will have toilets, Wi-Fi, media screens with content also in Latvian, as well as complimentary hot drinks, explained A. Ķibēns.