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Lux Express temporarily decreases departure times on Riga routes

2 min

From 2nd of November Lux Express will decrease departures between Tallinn-Riga and Riga-Vilnius due to emergency situation and stricter restrictions set in Latvia. Around 60% of departures between Tallinn and Riga will remain.

From 2nd of November the following departures will remain:

Tallinn -> Riga
07.00; 12.30; 18.00; 22.30
Riga -> Tallinn
02.35; 07.00; 12.30; 18.00

Riga -> Vilnius
02.55; 16.30
Vilnius -> Riga
10.00; 22.30

Depending on national restrictions and demand, new decisions will be made each week if needed on temporarily closed or opened routes.

All customers who have already purchased a ticket for the cancelled trips will be contacted personally and are offered a suitable solution - an alternative trip to the nearest departures, the possibility to postpone the trip or, if the above options are not suitable to the customer, a full refund will be given for the ticket prices.