Lux Express reduces departures on the Tallinn-Kuressaare route

From November 15, Lux Express will reduce the number of departures on the Tallinn-Kuressaare route. The change concerns the Tallinn-Kuressaare departure at 4.30 pm and the Kuressaare-Tallinn departure at 6 am.

According to Ingmar Roos, the business manager of Lux Express, the number of passengers on these routes started to decrease significantly from September, although the downward trend showed earlier. "Many passengers started to prefer the plane launched in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis, which departs 2 hours and 50 minutes later, but brings the passenger to Tallinn from the Express Express bus 20 minutes earlier. Although the price of a plane ticket is twice as expensive as a Lux Express ticket, for a customer traveling on business, it is still a very favorable price on a state-subsidized route to pay for an additional three hours of sleep,” added Roos. He expressed hope that Lux Express would be able to restore daily connections no later than in spring, provided that the demand for travel on the Kuressaare route grows.

16.30 Tallinn-Kuressaare bus, that thus far had been running daily, will depart on Fridays and Sundays and the Kuressaare-Tallinn 06.00 on Mondays and Saturdays. 

Schedule from November 15:

Tallinn -> Kuressaare
07.55, 11.45, 16.30 (Fri, Sun), 17.35

Kuressaare -> Tallinn
06.00 (Mon, Sat), 10.40, 13.10, 17.55