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Lux Express opens a new bus line to Saaremaa island

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On June 17, the bus carrier Lux Express will launch a new summer route Tartu-Kuressaare, providing Latvians with an opportunity to visit the island of Saaremaa and its largest town Kuressaare from Riga this summer. The new route is matched with the existing Riga-Pärnu bus line, creating a new summer travel route Riga-Pärnu-Kuressaare, with a connection in Pärnu.

The new route will be available during the summer period from June 17 to August 21.

Saaremaa has always been a popular destination among Latvians and more than 14,000 Latvian visitors per year came to Saaremaa before the Covid-19 pandemic: “We hope to host more than 10,000 Latvian guests on our island again this year. The possibility to travel from Riga to Saaremaa with Lux Express will definitely help to reach this goal,” said marketing manager of Visit Saaremaa Maria Ruubas.

Saaremaa is particularly bicycle-friendly, and you will be able to take advantage of the free bicycle ticket service of Lux Express. The company has made it possible to carry up to four bicycles free of charge in a bus on all routes between the Baltic cities and Warsaw. Free bicycle ticket can only be reserved online at when purchasing a passenger ticket.

How to get from Riga to Kuressaare?

9.00 Riga -> 11.35 Pärnu 
12.10 Pärnu -> 15.05 Kuressaare
16.55 Kuressaare -> 19.45 Pärnu
19.50 Pärnu -> 22.25 Riga

What to see in Kuressaare?

Kuressaare is the largest town and the centre of the Estonian island of Saaremaa. Here guests can enjoy a wide range of spa services, breath-taking natural sights, and a rich historical heritage. The main attractions include the medieval fortress and castle complex of the Bishop of Kuressaare, the Weighhouse, St. Nicholas Orthodox Church, the old Knighthood Building, the historic Town Hall, the Kuursaal Resort Hall, the Sun Bed or Kaali meteorite crater and the Kuressaare Health Park.

Lux Express offers discounts on international routes

26% discount for young people under the age of 26, 80% discount for children under the age of 7, 40% discount for children under the age of 16 and 10% discount for passengers over 60. Tickets are available on the Lux Express website or on the mobile app.

Lux Express is an Estonian bus company with an international reach, that offers passengers the most convenient bus ride in the entire region. Lux Express Group operates domestic Estonian and bus lines between major Baltic cities, as well as St. Petersburg, Helsinki and Warsaw.