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Lux Express expands the youth discounts, intensifies the route network and creates a free bicycle ticket

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Lux Express introduces a bicycle ticket, which always guarantees a place for a passenger's bicycle.

From today, Lux Express offers a 26% discount on all domestic and international routes for all young people up to the age of 26, adds new departures to Tartu-Narva, Tallinn-Haapsalu, Tallinn-Pärnu and Tallinn-Kuressaare, and launches a new bicycle ticket that always guarantees a free place for a passenger's bicycle.

According to Ingmar Roos, CEO of Lux Express, the innovations and additional departures are the bus company's contribution to boosting domestic tourism and encouraging young people and everyone else to travel between cities by comfortable buses during the upcoming summer season.

"With a more universal discount for up to 26-year-olds, we want to make inter-city travel more accessible to young people both in Estonia and elsewhere where our buses run. In addition, next week we will be launching a bicycle ticket as a new service, which will be free of charge for the passenger and will ensure that his two-wheel companion can fit securely on the bus. The opportunity to travel effortlessly by bicycle will hopefully expand the opportunities for domestic tourism for Estonians because now it is possible to comfortably take day-long discovery trips to smaller places. However, due to the limited luggage space of the buses, up to five bicycles can be booked for each trip. In addition, every bus also has bicycle covers to protect both two-wheelers and other luggage, "added Roos.

A new bicycle ticket can only be purchased from

Lux Express will also tighten the timetable between the four Estonian cities at the beginning of the summer. "A wider range of departures gives passengers the flexibility to travel comfortably and at the best time for them, not when they have the opportunity," said Roos, adding that travel demand is monitored daily and that there is a clear desire to tighten schedules as soon as possible.

Additional departures starting from the 1st of June:

15:15 Tallinn →  Haapsalu 16:55
17:30 Haapsalu → Tallinn 19:15 

 16:30 Tallinn →  Kuressaare 20:20 
10:40 Kuressaare → Tallinn 14:30  

12:00 Tartu → Narva 14:35 
16:30 Narva → Tartu 19:30  

9:30 Tallinn → Pärnu 11:20 
16:00 Tallinn → Pärnu 17:50  

15:00 Pärnu → Tallinn 16:50 
16:15 Pärnu → Tallinn 18:05