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Lux Express is in the TOP 3 of the most valued companies in Estonia for the second year in a row

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A recent Kantar Emor survey shows which companies Estonian residents value the most and it was made clear thet they would recommend Artis cinema, Jetoil gas station and Lux Express transport company to their friends.

The NPS recommendation index survey maps the extent to which people would recommend various companies whose services they have recently encountered to their friends and acquaintances.

While Artis and Lux Express were in the top three last year as well, Jetoil rose to the top only this year. The fourth and fifth positions belong to Rahva Raamat and Smartpost Itella.

"Estonians are more and more price-sensitive, and we can see this reflected in the results of the survey," said Kaisa Esko, research expert at Kantar Emor. "For example, Jetoil's rise to the top three is definitely influenced by this, as the respondents mostly mentioned Jetoil's favorable prices in their comments to the company," added Esko.

According to Esko, people appreciate the balance between a good price and the quality offered. "Here it also depends strongly on the field of the service provider: there are fields where price is the most important thing for a person, and those where quality, comfort and experience come second," stated Esko.

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