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Lux Express opens a new bus route to Hiiumaa

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The new Lux Express bus line Kärdla-Tallinn will start on Thursday, April 4th, which will serve passengers between Hiiumaa and the capital all year round.

The bus departs every day at 7:30 on the Kärdla-Käina-Haapsalu-Tallinn route and at 16:50 on the Tallinn-Haapsalu-Käina-Kärdla route. According to Ingmar Roos, the business manager of Lux Express Estonia, the bus company continues to offer comfortable travel options, being a reliable partner in the movement between Hiiumaa and the mainland. "Since the ferries between Rohuküla and Heltermaa leave every three hours, we cannot offer passengers alternative departure times compared to before, but the Lux Express bus runs on the surface of Hiiumaa between Kärdla and Rohuküla port via Käina, providing an additional opportunity for passengers from this area as well ," added Roos. According to Roos, the company is happy that it was able to offer work to four Hiiumaa bus drivers.

Lux Express will continue to serve trips based on the summer schedule from June 1, which means that the number of daily departures will increase to two during the summer months - from the beginning of June, departures will be running at 9:30 Tallinn-Kärdla and 15:00 Kärdla-Tallinn. Lux Express already departs at 13.30 from Tallinn to Rohuküla port and at 15.50 from Rohuküla port to Tallinn, which allows you to conveniently transfer from the Hiiumaa ferry to the bus.

Lux Express serves the route with comfortable 56-seater Scania Irizar i6 buses. All buses have Wi-Fi and a personal media screen, with free hot coffee drinks available throughout the ride. The bus also has a toilet, air conditioning and sockets for charging your devices.

Lux Express uses dynamic pricing for ticket sales, with cheaper prices for earlier buyers. For example, a full ticket to travel from Kärdla to Tallinn is between 13 and 16 euros, but when buying a ticket from the bus driver, the highest price always applies. Lux Express offers up to 40% discount for seniors over 60 years old and children up to 16 years old, and young people up to 26 years old get up to 26% discount. Tickets can be purchased online at or, as well as at Tallinn and Kärdla bus stations and, if necessary, from the bus driver. In addition, a special offer applies to those who travel between Monday and Thursday, allowing up to 40% cheaper price when purchasing a round-trip ticket on the website.

The timetable of the Tallinn-Kärdla line can be found on the page by entering the desired stops in the travel search.