Lux Express suspends Helsinki - St. Petersburg route

In connection with the closure of the Vaalimaa border crossing in Finland from November 18, Lux Express will suspend the Helsinki-Peterburg route.

The last departure from St.Peterburg to Helsinki was operated on Nov 17 at 15:00 (local Moscow time) and from Helsinki to St.Petersburg at 14:00 (local Helsinki time).

In case you are a ticket holder of the canceled trip, which is caused by force majeure, please make the following choice:

  • Ticket change to other Lux Express departures (e.g. St. Petersburg-Tallinn / Tallinn-St. Petersburg route or St. Petersburg-Riga / Riga-St. Petersburg route departures). I choose the new trip option!
  • Receive a voucher for 100% of the trip cost (valid for 1,5 years). I choose the voucher option!

NB! If you decide to change tickets to other Lux Express route, please check if you have valid grounds to enter the country.

  • In addition to trip change and travel voucher option we will also start with refund process. So, in case none of the compensation options described above is suitable for you, then you can apply for monetary refund.  

For monetary refund, please fill in this form. Not only tickets can be refunded, but also a monetary refund for the unused remaining value of vouchers can be requested. Please note that all refunds may take up to 30 days. 

We apologize that it is taking longer than usual to respond to emails at the moment. Customer service will respond to your message as soon as possible.