From February 1, Lux Express Haapsalu-Tallinn route timetable will change.

From February 1, Lux Express Haapsalu-Tallinn route timetable will change. When traveling from Tallinn to Haapsalu, in addition to the Tallinn bus station and the Vana-Pääsküla bus stop, you can now get off at the Virve stop directly in front of the Väike-Järve shopping center. For the sake of faster and smoother traffic, the bus stops at the Virve only if a ticket has been purchased in advance.

Arriving from Haapsalu to Tallinn, in addition to Vana-Pääsküla and the Järve bus station, buses now stop a few hundred meters away at the former Risti bus stop, which is located near the Järve center.

When arriving in Haapsalu, our buses now stop at the Vahtra Rist stop, in addition to the Niine stop and the Haapsalu bus station.

Due to low demand, our Haapsalu-Tallinn line buses in Harjumaa no longer stop at the Rallipargi and Riisipere stops. For the 9:00 Haapsalu-Tallinn line timetable, we have added stops in Läänemaa: Taebla, Palivere, Risti.

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09:0012:4516:1517:40HAAPSALU BUS STATION10:4015:1016:5520:10
---17:44VAHTRA RIST10.31*15:01*16:46*20:01*
10:26*14:16*17:48*19:07*RISTI / VIRVE09:0813:3815:2318:38
10:3514:3018.0019:15TALLINN BUS STATION09:0013:3015:1518:30
     Every dayEvery dayFri, SunEvery day