Fill in an application before travelling to Lithuania

According to the direction of the Lithuanian National Public Health Center under the Ministry of Health, starting from 15th September 2020, each person travelling to Lithuania will have to pre-fill an electronic application form.

After filling the online form, the traveller will receive a QR code from Lithuanian National Public Health Center that s/he has to present to the travel carrier, in our case Lux Express coach driver.

Carriers will be required to check the travellers QR code, and are allowed to onboard only passengers with a QR code.

The electronic application form can be found here:

If the traveller is not able to fill out the electronic form, it will be necessary to fill out a paper form before the departure and return the filled form to the driver when onboarding.

In the questionnaire column "flight", the traveller must enter the departure number (indicated on the ticket as "Bus line no", between "Arrival" and "Price"). The question about sick leave is intended only for residents of Lithuania.