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Due to the rapid increase of costs and operation limitations Lux Express is closing the route Riga–Jekabpils–Daugavpils

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From 1 May 2022, Lux Express is closing the route Riga–Jekabpils–Daugavpils, as the costs have increased rapidly but the existing market limitations and unclear development prospects prevent the company from developing a wider network of inland long-distance routes in Latvia. Lux Express will continue to service international long-distance routes from Riga to Vilnius, Warsaw, Tallinn, Parnu and other destinations.

Lux Express Estonian Business Manager Ingmar Roos: “The goal of the company was to create a premium bus route network connecting the largest cities of Latvia. We wanted to convincingly demonstrate that bus traffic can be an excellent way to enjoy travelling. Our short-term goal was to service at least three inland routes in Latvia by the middle of 2022. However, such an opportunity was not provided for the company and the future prospects of gaining such rights have become even less certain. Operating on three routes, the company will have the opportunity to increase the efficiency of logistics and therefore mitigate the consequences of rapidly growing costs. Unfortunately, it is not possible when we only operate on one route. In this situation of uncertainty we decided to close the route that brings losses and focus on the regular international passenger transport. I am expressing gratitude to all passengers who have used our services over the last eight months.”

In October of last year, Lux Express started inland commercial routes in the market of Latvia, on the route Riga–Jekabpils–Daugavpils. The company expressed an interest in also starting to operate on the routes Riga–Liepaja and Riga–Ventspils in 2022. As the spread of Covid-19 pandemic decreased, the number of passengers also gradually increased on the route Riga–Jekabpils–Daugavpils; however, it did not grow sufficiently rapidly to compensate the losses caused by the increasing fuel prices. It would be possible to compensate the increase in fuel prices, by developing new inland routes that would also increase the number of serviced passengers. Unfortunately, due to the existing market restrictions in Latvia, it is still not possible. 

Schedule of the last trips on the route Riga–Jekabpils–Daugavpils 

(07:15) 30.04.2022 
(12:30) 30.04.2022 
(17:30) 30.04.2022

Schedule of the last trips on the route Daugavpils–Jekabpils–Riga

(17:25) 29.04.2022
(07:00) 01.05.2022 
(12:25) 01.05.2022