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Changes regarding goods imported from Russia

5 min

From July 10 at 11:59 p.m., the transition period will end, which made it possible to import certain sanctioned goods to the European Union or export them to the Russian Federation on the basis of previously concluded agreements.

The changes also affect people who cross the border for travel or for other purposes. The MTA asks all border crossers to consider the stricter restrictions already when planning their trip.

While the sanctions usually concern business enterprises and trade, then from Monday it will no longer be possible to import or export certain goods, even for civilians.

The lists of prohibited goods also include items that to this day have been brought from Russia or taken there on a daily basis. For example, old or new furniture or its parts, wood or wood products, fertilizers containing potassium, new pneumatic tires, cement, caviar, new or used containers such as glass bottles and cans etc. cannot be brought from the Russian Federation. Passengers must also pay attention to the restrictions on alcohol, i.e. from July 10, it is forbidden to bring across the border alcoholic beverages such as vodka, gin, liqueurs, etc., regardless of the quantity. It is allowed to bring across the border beer, wine and cider in previously established quantities (beer 16 liters, wine 4 liters, cider 2 liters).

More information can be found on the Estonian Tax and Customs Board website.