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Have you thought how many times it is CHEAPER to travel by bus instead of a car?

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Did you know that the cost of a trip by car on the Tallinn-Võru-Tallinn route is on average* 59€. When traveling the same distance by bus, the price is up to 18 euros. That is 3 times less!

A wise choice can significantly reduce the expenses incurred. In addition, by choosing a bus trip instead of driving, you can replace watching speed cameras with a nice movie instead. And in doing so, it is also possible to make a valuable contribution to improving the climate and environment.

The table below shows a comparison of how much it costs to travel the same distance by bus and how much by car:

RouteTraveling by car*Traveling with Lux Express**

*When calculating the average cost of a car trip, the fuel price of 1.95€/l, Tallinn-Võru-Tallinn (498km) distance and fuel consumption of 6 l/100km are taken into account. When traveling to Kuressaare, the cost of a ferry ride per person and car is also taken into account.

**When calculating the average price of a bus trip, the average price level of the standard class and the return trip -40% discount per person have been taken into account.