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Lux Express tickets can once again be bought from St. Petersburg coach station


Dear passengers,

We are glad to inform you that as from October 2nd, 2017, the St.Petersburg coach station has resumed selling Lux Express tickets.


Lux Express

Changes on the Vilnius-Warsaw route


Dear passengers,

From September 18th some of the stops and the departure times will change on the Vilnius-Warsaw route. We will no longer stop in the Warsaw Metro Marymont station, but instead we in Warsaw Zachodnia station.
The stop at Warsaw central station will stay as it is.

There are also some changes in the timetable, have a look at the new departure and arrival times in our sales system. 

Reconstruction of Pärnu Coach Station


Dear customers!

We announce that due to reconstruction work in Pärnu coach station there will be temporary traffic arrangement from 04.09.2017 (illustrating map below).

Long-distance buses will enter to the station through Kuninga street and leave station through Ruutli street. Modified traffic plan will be used until the opening of renewed bus station in February, 2018.

The temporary bus station does not have numbered bus stops, therefore we recommend to arrive to the bus station some time before the departure to find the right bus.

Andrus Treier, long-term head of KredEx, to become the head of Lux Express


Andrus Treier (43), who used to be the head of KredEx for more than ten years, will start as the Chairman of the Management Board of Lux Express, that serves more than two million passengers annually. The new manager was selected by means of a public contest from 65 candidates.

Meals on Lux Express Lounge departures


Dear passengers,

Please be informed that starting from 04.09 meals will not be provided in Lounge front part on following departures:

Tallinn - St. Petersburg 06:00

St. Petersburg – Tallinn 17:00

Lux Express

Roadworks at Radisson Blu Stop


Dear Passengers,

Please be informed that due to roadworks on Elizabetes/Baznīcas street, some of our buses are not able to make a turn at Radisson Blu stop until approximately 10.09.2017. So drivers are stopping right opposite the hotel. 

Please make sure to plan extra time for departing the bus. 

Best regards,

Lux Express

Renovation works in Narva coach station


Dear passengers, 

Please note, that due to the renovation works in Narva coach station, the traffic arrangements are changed until 30.09.2017. 

During the road works, bus station is temporarily moved to Vaksal street, and the bus will make a turn towards Pushkin street. 

We apologize for any invonveniences, 
Lux Express 

Changes in ticket sale in St.Petersburg Coach station


Dear passengers,

Please be informed, that starting from 01.08.2017 it is not possible to buy Lux Express tickets from St. Petersburg Coach station. This means that all tickets have to be purchased from our website in advance, as drivers do not sell tickets either. 

Additionally, due to Russian Federal Law on Transport Security, passengers without a valid travel ticket are not allowed to enter the platforms area. Officialls will accept tickets also in online forms (e.g shown on mobile devices).

We apologize for any invonveniences caused.

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