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Lux Express will retreat from the Polish market


Press release

24th of February, 2016

The international express route coach operator Lux Express, which started to provide innovative and high-quality passenger services in Poland two years ago, decided to retreat from the market. The company decided to take this decision in order to focus on the rapidly growing Baltic markets.  

“In the transport business you must constantly adapt to the market conditions and keep focusing on the core business. Today we see that the market is developing quickly in the Baltics, where we are in a strong position to take advantage of the new opportunities. As a result we have decided to realign our strategy and focus on markets where the growth prospects are the strongest.”, said Hannes Saarpuu, Lux Express Group CEO.

From 01.04.2017 Lux Express will cancel most of its routes connected to Poland. The company will no longer provide services on routes from Warsaw and Krakow to Prague, Budapest, Vienna, Brno, and Bratislava.

The head of the company assures that it is still possible to travel with them from Warsaw to the Baltics- Vilnius, Kaunas, Riga, and Tallinn. The Warsaw-Kaunas-Vilnius route operates 4 round trips per day.

On the behalf of the whole Lux Express team, Hannes Saarpuu would like to thank all of the passengers that used Lux Express services within Poland and on routes connected to Poland for the last two years and all the employees who made it possible to provide a comfortable, high quality service on the Polish market.

About 500 000 people travelled with Lux Express buses during these two years in Poland and on international routes connected to Poland. The Lux Express Polska buses drove 7,5 million kilometres and employed 130 employees.

The passengers who have tickets to the mentioned routes from 01.04.2017 will be contacted directly. Lux Express will reimburse all tickets.