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In co-operation with PINS, Lux Express has created a loyalty program to offer a more personalized approach and a better price for our customers. The more you travel, the bigger the discounts you will receive. Furthermore, the PINS you have collected for your trips can be used to redeem Lux Express E-vouchers. E-Vouchers can be exchanged for Lux Express bus tickets.
We offer three levels of discount:


    Level 1 (11-25 trips)                                Level 2 (26-40 trips)                        VIP level 3 (40+ trips)

* Participating in it is completely free. 


  • Conditions
  • Joining
  • Collecting trips
  • Using PINS


New members and the validity of discount:

All new members of our loyalty program who sign up in our customer service offices, on our website or via our Facebook page, will receive 10 virtual trips as a present, with a validity period of 12 months.

Customers who have registered with the PINS loyalty program directly on the PINS homepage or via other PINS partners, will receive their 10 virtual trips after they have completed a trip with Lux Express.

The gift of 10 virtual trips guarantees you the first level of discount – 15%.

When travelling on Lux Express buses, the level of discount depends on how much you have travelled over the course of 12 months. If you have gathered less than 10 trips during the previous 12 months, you will be demoted to the base level that does not entail a discount.

It is possible to collect PINS on all Lux Express routes, the calculations are based on the prices of the tickets. Every 1 euro spent = 2 PINS.

Using the PINS card:

The PINS card is individual. The card can be used only by the person to whom the card has been issued to. PINS accounts can not be combined, nor can you transfer trips to another account.

PINS discount applies only when buying tickets from pre-sale. If you buy your ticket on a bus, you can still collect trips and earn PINS.

If the misuse of the PINS card is discovered, you will have to pay the difference between the full price and the discounted price.

When purchasing tickets from the Lux Express sales office or via telephone (using your credit card), please make sure that you have your PINS card or the card number with you so that you could forward it to our customer service specialist. Otherwise the PINS discount will not apply.

Our drivers and customer service specialists have the right to ask you for your PINS card when boarding the bus and see if the name corresponds to the one on the ticket.

If you have bought a ticket on Estonian domestic routes with your PINS card, it is possible to board the bus using only your PINS card.

Missing PINS:

If you notice that some of your trips and PINS are missing, you should submit the request here.

Missing PINS can be claimed online after your trip has taken place. They will be accrued to your account within 7 days.

PINS can be claimed retroactively within 90 days after your completed trip

PINS can be retroactively credited only to the accounts of those clients who had already joined the Lux Express PINS loyalty program on the date of the transaction

There are two possibilities to join the PINS loyalty program:

  • Online – A personalized card will be sent to you by mail within 3 weeks. Until you receive it, you can print out a temporary PINS card. How to print a temporary PINS card?
  •  Lux Express customer service offices or via other PINS partners – You will receive your card immediately. After registering it online, your account will be activated and the card will be valid. You will receive an e-mail with confirmation link, which will activate your card and you can start to use it instantly.

Both joining the program and participating in it is completely free of charge. Since the program has no age restrictions, everyone can join the PINS loyalty program and parents can also register their children.

Collect PINS and trips to reach a higher level, get a bigger discount and purchase Lux Express E-vouchers.

PINS can be collected on all Lux Express departures in two different ways:

1. Tickets with campaign discounts

When buying a ticket with the campaign discount, your PINS will be calculated from the campaign price. For example: If you buy a ticket that costs 25 euros with a 50% campaign discount, the campaign price for it would be 12,5 euros. It means that you will receive 2 x 12,5 = 25 PINS.

2. Tickets with the PINS discount

When you buy a ticket with your PINS card, PINS will be calculated according to the full price of the ticket. For example: when buying a ticket that costs 25 euros, as a PINS VIP level customer, you will receive a discount of 40%. So the ticket for you costs 15 EUR, but PINS will be calculated from the full price (25 euros). You will therefore receive 2 x 25 = 50 PINS. 

Reminder for collecting trips:

  • When buying a ticket from the customer service office, be sure to present your PINS card to the customer service specialist.
  • Make sure that you enter your name and your PINS card number when buying tickets online.
  • When booking tickets by phone, give the staff your PINS card number.
  • The PINS discount does not apply for campaign tickets. However, they still count towards your next discount level and you will still get PINS for the trip.
  • It is possible to collect trips on your PINS account when buying tickets on a bus on Estonian domestic routes.
  • If you buy tickets on a bus on international routes, you have to submit a claim to get the trips and PINS credited to your account.

What are the Lux Express products I can redeem my PINS for?            

The PINS you have collected for your trips can be used to redeem Lux Express E-vouchers, what can be exchanged for Lux Express bus tickets. Lux Express E-vouchers can be transferred into a ticket in our ticket sales system, by inserting voucher number to campaign code section. 

Please note, redeeming E-vouchers is not considered a regular ticket buying process. When a client exchanges E-voucher for our bus tickets, client will not collect PINS or trips to his/her PINS account.

To buy Lux Express E-vouchers in PINS Rewardshop please click HERE.

To get an overview of your PINS, collected trips and your status level, log in to your PINS account.

To see the prices and which Lux Express E-voucher can be used on which route, please see the pictures below.

Lux Express E-Vouchers:

Estonia Internal

Poland Internal

Baltics and South

         Tallinn     <->      Pärnu
         Tallinn     <->      Tartu
         Tallinn     <->      Narva
         Tallinn     <->      Haapsalu
         Tallinn     <->    Kuressaare
         Tallinn     <->      Võru
         Tallinn     <->      Luhamaa

              Warsaw    <->      Kraków
              Warsaw    <->      Poznań
              Warsaw    <->      Kielce
              Kielce       <->      Krakow
              Warsaw    <->      Suwałki

             Tallinn    <->    Riga
             Riga       <->    Vilnius
             Riga       <->    Minsk





North and East

East Special

         Vilnius       <->      Warsaw  
         Krakow      <->      Budapest
         Krakow      <->      Prague
         Warsaw     <->      Berlin
         Warsaw     <->      Vienna
         Krakow      <->      Vienna

              Helsinki    <->    St.Petersburg
              Riga         <->    St.Petersburg
              Tallinn      <->    St.Petersburg
              Tallinn      <->    Vilnius

             Tallinn     <->   Moscow
             Riga        <->   Moscow



Lux Express E-Voucher rules:

  •  After ordering, your E-Voucher(s) can be downloaded on the Shop in the personalized section under "My Account" section "My Transactions" (login required).
  • E-voucher can be transferred into a ticket in ticket sales system, by inserting voucher number to campaign code section.
  • Riga-Minsk E-Vouchers can only be changed to tickets via E-mail or in Lux Express Customer Service Office.
  • E-Voucher is valid 6 months from the date of purchase, voucher validity date is shown on the voucher.
  • The travel period is 6 months, starting from the date the voucher is redeemed.
  • The client will be able to choose a suitable departure time for Lux Express coach according to the bought voucher category.
  • E-Voucher will not include visa or travel insurance if they are needed for the trip.
  • E-Voucher will not be re-issued if expired.
  • E-Voucher could be used only once.
  • E-voucher can not be used for Lounge part.
  • E-Voucher, including E-Voucher that are changed into bus tickets, cannot be changed or swapped.
What are the other products for what I can spend my PINS? 
PINS you have collected for your trips can be used also for great rewards in PINS Rewards Shop, such as movie tickets, exciting experiences, special offers and other attractive products. Rewards can be found out at


1. Is joining and participating in the Lux Express PINS loyalty program free of charge?
Yes, joining with the program and participating in the program is completely free of charge.

2. If i have previously joined with the BalticMiles program and I have a BalticMiles card, should I register once more?
You do not have to register again. PINS card will be sent to your postal address, which you entered while registering with BalticMiles.

3. How can I acitivate my PINS account?
If your PINS account is not activated, please find the confirmation e-mail sent by PINS to your mailbox. If you have not received a confirmation e-mail from PINS, you should contact the PINS Membership Service and they will send you a new e-mail to confirm your account. In the confirmation e-mail you have to click on the link which directs you to the PINS homepage, where you can create a new password and log in to your PINS account.

4. If I forgot the password for my PINS account then how I will get access to my account?
Go to the PINS homepage, click „Log in to my account“ in the right upper corner. A box will open after that, then click „Forgot my password“. Next you have to add your e-mail address and a link to create a new password will be sent to your e-mail.

5. Can I purchase the ticket with the discount from the bus driver?
No, the discount does not apply for tickets purchased from the bus.

6. If I have purchased a ticket with PINS card for a route within Estonia, should I print the ticket?
No, you don’t have to print out the ticket and you also don’t have to present it to the bus driver electronically. You can board the bus by presenting only your PINS card.

7. How do I know how many trips and PINS I have collected and on which level am I?
To get an overview of the collected trips, PINS and level, you have to log in to your PINS account.

8. Does Lux Express give 10 virtual trips, which guarantees the first level discount -15%, as a gift?
Lux Express gave 10 virtual trips as a gift to everyone who have registered with the Lux Express PINS loyalty program in our customer service offices, on our homepage or via the Lux Express Facebook page. Everyone who have registered through any other PINS channel or PINS partner will get their 10 virtual trips and 15% discount after they have bought one full-priced ticket.

9. Can I collect PINS with Lux Express PINS card with other PINS partners?
Yes, you  can collect PINS by using the PINS card with other PINS partners. Also you can collect PINS by using any other partners PINS cards.

10. If the trips and PINS are not in my account, what should I do?
You should submit the request here.

11. How can I join the PINS program?
You can join with PINS in the Lux Express customer service offices. You can also register on-line by filling in the form HERE. PINS will send you the card within 3 weeks. You can also print a temporary PINS card on the PINS homepage which you can use right away.

12. I lost my PINS card. What should I do?
If you have lost your PINS card, you should fill in the „Lost card“ form on the PINS homepage. PINS will send you the new card for free within 2 weeks. The „Lost card“ form is available HERE.

13. Is it possible to close the PINS account?
If you decide to close your PINS account, you have to contact the PINS membership service and they will close the account.

14. May I combine my trips with friends, family etc.?
No. Every passenger trips are individual and they are not combined or over carried.

15. Does PINS discount applies also on Simple Express departures?
No. Lux Express loyalty program is valid for only Lux Express departures.

16. How long the trips in my account last?
Every trip on the account will be available 12 months.

17. How do PINS expire?
All PINS collected at PINS partners are valid for 3 years. If these PINS are not spent within this time, they expire irreversibly on the day they were collected 3 years ago.