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Lux Express is entering the Polish market; the investments exceed 5 million euros


Lux Express is entering the Polish market; the investments exceed 5 million euros

In the beginning of March, largest international coach route operator in Baltics Lux Express Group starts operating on Polish domestic market with Warsaw – Krakow route. The investment of more than 5 million euros is based on previous 2 years’ strong economic results.

“At this moment on Polish market there is a gap between cheap bus companies and far more expensive trains and plains. Lux Express is planning to fill this gap by providing a high-quality service with an affordable price”, said Lux Express Group CEO Hannes Saarpuu. “Starting form 5th of March we launch a new route between two Poland’s biggest cities Warsaw and Krakow. Lux Express buses will make 7 departures per day in both directions.”

According to Saarpuu Warsaw-Krakow route is only the first step into the Polish domestic market – during 2015 the investments will exceed 5 million euros. Before Lux Express was presented on Polish market by International routes operated under the brand Simple Express.


“In the future we see a possibility to expand our network of routes within Poland – in cities like Gdansk, Poznan, Wroclaw and others,“ noted Saarpuu. „In the beginning of summer Lux Express will operate 15 buses on Polish domestic routes.“


According to Hannes Saarpuu the possibility to enter the Polish market was provided by company’s last year successful economic results. In 2014 overall number of carried passengers of Lux Express Group increased 2,3 times and reached 1,65 million passengers and the Group profit doubled reaching 2,5 million euros.


In comparison with year 2013 results of 718 200 carried passengers, last year Lux Express carried 1 646 400 passengers.

The company's turnover last year reached 21 million, while the net profit – 2,5 million euro. It has to be noted that year 2013 also was successful for the company, but in 2014 turnover exceeded previous year result by about 7 million euros and profit - by 1,1 million euros.


New routes launched in 2014 have proven to be successful. "In previous years we have focused on the development of new routes. Year 2014 has brought good results and demonstrated that the investments paid off. The main increase has come from the Estonian domestic routes, which were opened in the fourth quarter of 2013. Also we opened three more new routes Helsinki - St. Petersburg, Riga – Moscow together with Tallinn-Moscow and Vilnius - Warsaw – Wroclaw- Prague," says Lux Express Group Chairman Hannes Saarpuu.


Lux Express Group is an international coach operator that offers its services in Estonia, Latvian, Lithuania, Finland, Russia, Poland and Germany. Lux Express Group provides customers with accessible and high quality services in different classes - exclusive Lux Express and budget class Simple Express buses.


Detailed press release about the Polish routes is available here.