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We have collected here all important information about Lux Express Group ticket prices. The information is divided into 2 categories: Lux Express dynamical pricing and other available discounts.

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  • Dynamical pricing
  • Other available discounts

Lux Express dynamical pricing

Starting from year of 2016 Lux Express expanded dynamical pricing and is using it on all routes, both internal and international. This means that the price of the ticket is no longer constant, the ticket price depends on the demand as well as on the departure time. 
Facts to keep in mind in order to get the cheaper prices:
  • Buy your tickets in advance - the remaining time before the departure affects the price 
  • Buy your tickets for a less popular departure - the price depends on the demand 
  • Buy your tickets from - the most attractive prices are available only in the Lux Express sales system
Depending on the demand, the price can change on the next day or even after one hour. The exact price will be displayed after choosing a trip, but to fix the price, ticket(s) have to be added in the purchase basket. Right before payment the system will calculate the final price of the ticket. If the purchase will be unsuccessful, the booking will be automatically cancelled and the previous dynamic price will be restored.
On our website, each route has a content page ( where you can see all available prices that can be seen in the sales system. While buying tickets from the bus driver, the maximum price applies.
In addition to the dynamic prices, there are also permanent campaigns on every route, prices in the sales system are marked with red.
Restrictions for permanent campaigns:
  • Special fare applies only to limited seats per departure.
  • For special fare additional discounts (PINS loyalty program discount, age discount) do not apply. 

Lux Express PINS loyalty program discount

Lux Express PINS loyalty program offers a more personalized approach and discounts, which do not have any restrictions. Compared to the dynamic prices, which change dependant on the time and demand, PINS discounts are always available to you in the sales system. Our loyalty program consists of three levels and your discount depends on your travelling frequency. The more you travel, the bigger discounts you can receive.

Lux Express PINS loyalty program consists of 3 levels:

  • Level 1 (11-25 trips) - 15% discount
  • Level 2 (26-40 trips) - 30% discount
  • VIP level (40+ trips) - 40% discount

Find out more about Lux Express PINS program HERE.

To buy a ticket with your PINS loyalty discount you have to select “Full ticket” from the discount menu for your PINS discount to take effect.

Other discounts

Lux Express offers also a flexible system of particular discounts on both international and domestic routes. Please check the sales system for the exact information.

On international routes, the following discounts are available:

  • Children up to 7 years (incl.) -80%
  • Children up to 16 years (incl.) -40%
  • Youth up to 26 years (incl.) -10%
  • People above 60 years (60 incl.) -40%

On domestic routes in Estonia, the following discounts are available:

  • Pre-school child until 7 years (incl.) -100%*
  • Child up to 16 years (incl.)  -40%
  • Senior - 60 years and older -40%
  • Disabled child up to 15 years (incl.)  -100%*
  • Person with severe disability (16 years and above) -100%*
  • Person with profound or severe visual disability and accompanying person -100%*
  • Pet ticket -40%
  • For youth up to 26 years (incl.)  -10% on routes Tallinn – Kuressaare, Tallinn – Võru and Tallinn – Haapsalu. On route Tallinn – Tartu ticket price is 5,20 EUR, Tallinn – Narva 5,7 EUR and Tallinn – Pärnu 3,6 EUR.

*In Lounge part discounts apply only when purchasing tickets right before the departure from the coach. In other cases only PINS loyality program discounts apply in Lounge.

    If you wish to buy a special discounted ticket in the Internet, select an appropriate discount in the box next to the name of the passenger.

    Please note that two different discounts cannot be active simultaneously, the system will always provide you the cheapest price possible.