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The best memories are connected with travelling - that’s why the best Christmas present is a Lux Express
gift card for a round-trip on Lux Express international routes! 
Give your loved ones the gift of travel for Christmas which they can use right at start of the new year.

Gift cards are available only in our sales offices from 14.12.2016 to 25.12.2016.
Act fast, because gift cards are limited!

Gift card sales period: 14.12.2016 – 25.12.2016
Gift card redeeming period: 14.12.2016 – 27.04.2017
Travel period: 9.01.2017 – 27.04.2017*

Routes: Lux Express international non-connection routes
(except Riga-Moscow, Tallinn-Moscow, Riga-Minsk)

Price of the gift card: 25 EUR / 1700 RUB / 110 PLN

Gift cards are available in all Lux Express customer service offices in
Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius, St. Petersburg and Warsaw.


  • Please note, that gift card is not a ticket. In order to book the trip, gift card holder has to book the ticket via sales system by using the unique promo code marked on the gift card. Gift card code has to be entered to the „campaign code“ field.
  • Gift cards that have been redeemed to travel tickets are considered as used and changes to the travel dates, destination etc will not be possible;
  • Round-trip tickets need to be purchased together, in one purchase basket;
  • Gift card is non-refundable and could not be exchanged to money;
  • Gift card could not be bought for traveling in Lux Express Lounge area and for Simple Express departures;
  • Number of gift cards is limited per each customer service office;
  • Special offer applies only limited seats per departure;
  • Only Lux Express is authorized to sell gift cards;
  • Gift card doesn't apply for Tallinn-Moscow, Riga-Moscow and Riga-Minsk route;
  • Gift card can be used only for non-connection route.

Travel period exclusions:

  • 22.02-26.02.2017 following routes excluded: St. Petersburg-Tallinn (and back); St. Petersburg-Riga (and back); St. Petersburg-Helsinki (and back)
  • 14.04-17.04.2017 following routes excluded: Riga-Vilnius (and back); Vilnius-Warsaw (and back); Vilnius-Berlin (and back); Vilnius-Prague (and back); Krakow-Vienna (and back); Krakow-Prague (and back); Krakow-Budapest (and back), Warsaw-Prague (and back.