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Usage of the voucher

When canceling a ticket, the customer has the option to choose a voucher as the method of return. This means that after canceling the ticket, the system will automatically send a voucher to the customer.

The voucher is valid for one year and can be used to purchase a new Lux Express bus ticket.

A voucher can be used to pay for one or more tickets until it`s currency is used. You can pay up to 10 times/ten tickets with one voucher.

The voucher cannot be exchanged for money.

The voucher is valid as a means of payment when paying for tickets in the Lux Express online store or in the Lux Express mobile application.

When paying for tickets, the voucher code must be entered in the last view (5. Payment details) by clicking "ADD VOUCHER":


You must enter the voucher number, that you can find on the voucher (not the canceled ticket`shopping basket number):


After copying the number, click "apply", otherwise the voucher will not be applied:


In the next view, the system shows the calculation process and if it is necessary to pay the price difference (if the voucher does not cover the entire ticket cost), click "approve redeeming":


If you need to pay more, you can do it either with a bank link, credit card or by adding another voucher:



Wishing you a successful ticket purchase!