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Is it possible to pay with an invoice?

The invoice payment service is available for companies registered at the territory of the Russian Federation.

To order tickets by invoice payment, please, send your request to email [email protected]. We kindly ask you to attach your company bank details to your request so that we could make an invoice. The request can be written in a free form.

Please, provide the following information in your request:
1. Date, itinerary and time of the chosen departures.
2. Passenger information for each passenger respectively:
- passenger name and surname (in Latin letters)
- birth date
- foreign passport number (if Russian), or citizenship and the number of the document which gives the passenger a right to cross the state border)

After receiving your request we will send you an invoice to pay. As soon as the payment is confirmed and the money is transferred to our company account, we will send you the tickets to the previously provided email.

Unfortunately, the possibility to purchase tickets by invoice payment is not available for companies registered in EU.

If you often buy tickets from your company name we would recommend you to join our “Business traveller” program. The detailed information and partnership conditions are available here.