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Travelling with a pet


On international routes it is not allowed to travel with your pet, an exception is a guide dog, as travel times are usually more than four hours, which without any stops may be physically difficult for a pet.

On Estonian and Latvian domestic routes, it is allowed to travel with your pet, but there are some requirements for that.

  • You need to buy a separate pet ticket with 40% discount on Lux Express website that guarantees a separate seat for your pet, pet's transport cage or bag.
  • For comfortable and safe travel, you must use a transport cage or transport bag with a maximum size of 40 x 40 cm. It must be possible to fasten the transport cage or transport bag with a safety belt to ensure the safety of the animal and other passengers. On Latvian domestic lines it is allowed to carry also dogs with muzzle on short leash.

The size of the cage or bag is important, because bigger cage/bag does not fit on a seat, so please pay attention to the size.