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How to travel with child safety car seat?

All the seats in Lux Express coaches are equipped with safety belts that are appropriate for passengers of any age category.

Lux Express doesn’t provide children safety car seats. You can take your own children's car seat, but however, it’s not necessary to have it while traveling on Lux Express coaches with small children.

If you still would like to take your child safety seat and by the manufacturer guide, it needs a three-point seat belt, then, please book seats behind the second exit (29-30 or 31-32, depends on a coach).


Please, pay attention that it’s obligatory to buy a ticket with a seat for the child. On Lux Express coaches there are special discounts for children up to 7 years (incl.). All discounts are visible while purchasing a ticket.


If you are traveling with a stroller, please pack the stroller before the trip to ensure that it can fit in the luggage compartment.


Before the trip, also please check "Traveling with minors" requirements.


NB! Buses of other carriers (not Lux Express) and Lux Charter may not have three-point seat belts.



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