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What to do in case of trip cancellation?

In case of canceled departure, the customer will be offered another departure from the company which will be in the soonest time ticket costs will be covered from companies side.

In case Lux Express can’t provide the customer with the next departure from Lux Express company, the other type of vehicle will be offered, as long as the customer will get to their final destination.

If none of the other departure times/dates are comfortable for customers, the company will refund the full amount of ticket fare within 14 days. For that, please confirm it by sending all the needed details for a refund:

  • ticket number;
  • name and surname of the passenger;
  • last four digits of credit card or bank account number from which payment was done.

If the ticket was purchased by cash in our sales office, a refund can be done to the bank account as well.

More about customer rights, in that case, can be found here.