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Eurolines Baltic will launch a new route Vilnius Warsaw


Starting from 26-th of May Eurolines Baltic will launch a new route Vilnius Warsaw.
Departures will be 4 times a week on Tuesdays, Thusdays, Fridays, Sundays from Vilnius and on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays from Warsaw.

Bus goes also to the Warsaw international airport. That is especially convenient  for those passengers who wish to start their flight early in the morning, because bus arrives to the airport 06:15.
Departure from Warsaw airport will be at 19:30, next departure is 20:00 from bus station and arrival in Vilnius 06:20.

Ticket price for one way 27 EUR
Ticket price for round trip is 30% cheaper, only 37.80 EUR

In addition following discounts apply:
25% for youth until 26 years
25% for pensioners
50% for children from 5 to 11 years
80% for children up to 4 years
10% for groups starting from 10 people


Timetable is below:


Departure Bus stops Arrival
21:00 Vilnius bus station 06:20
22:35 Kaunas bus station 05:00
23:40 Marijampolė bus station 04:05
23:20 Kalvarija (LT) / Suvalkai (PL) cross border 03:20
02:10 Bialystok bus station 23:45
05:25  Warsaw „Dw Wilenski" 20:15
05:45 „Warsaw  D.A. Zachodnia“ bus station 20:00
06:15 The Frederic Chopin International Airport 19:30
Arrival Bus stops Departure