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Explore history and culture in Vilnius

Vilnius is definitely worth discovering. Bustling Old Town combines heritage of many cultures and hides cafes, boutiques and other surprising spots.

Vilnius - cobblestones and culture

Numerous times Vilnius has been selected among top destinations in Europe.

Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania is located in the eastern part of the country. Boasting the largest medieval old town in Central and Eastern Europe, Vilnius is increasingly popular for its warming sense of history, bewitching architectural heritage and bustling café culture.

Dazzling Vilnius panorama opens from the hill where Gediminas castle is located as well as from the top of a hill called the Three Crosses. There is so much to know about this magnificent city that the only way to get acquainted to it is to come and visit it yourself!

достопримечательности Вильнюс
Вильнюс экскурсии
Вильнюс достопримечательности

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